Exposed Brick

Yesterday, they removed the old plaster from the walls to reveal terrific old brick. The plan is to clean up the brick a little, then glaze it. Pitt Street Brewing next door did the same thing, and their walls are stunning. I will sneak in there and take a picture of their walls later this week. You can also see some of the original tile. Someone painted it along the way, but we’re going to strip the paint off and preserve as much of the original tile as possible. I’ll post some better pictures of the tile soon, too.

Marra Forni Pizza Oven Factory Tour

Last weekend, we took the train from Rocky Mount to the Marra Forni pizza oven factory in Maryland. It was an amazing experience.

In the first picture, you can see our humble ECU Pirates cooler full of our pizza dough waited to board the train with us. Despite being jostled around and less-than-ideal treatment (and a night in a hotel), it performed spectacularly in the test kitchens.

Marra Forni uses Tuscan clay, but other than that, they use all American products to make their ovens by hand using old world techniques. Their steel is American, and even their electronic components are manufactured in the USA.

Click on the pictures above to see some details of this really great operation. We’re considering getting the Luna oven from Marra Forni, even if it is more expensive than importing one. We’re inspired by their ethic of local sourcing and craftsmanship.

What color tile? We’re torn between turquoise and black. We think either will look great, but the all black oven will have a certain Death Star appeal. 🙂


Luna is Coming to Uptown Greenville


Luna is coming to Uptown Greenville, NC in summer, 2017, and you’ll never think of pizza in the same way again.

Featuring hand-crafted Neapolitan pizza; fresh and healthy appetizers; and beer, wine, and cocktails, Luna will be in the heart of the Dickinson Avenue Arts District in the newly-restored Coca-Cola Bottling Plant on Pitt Street.

Please follow our blog for updates on our progress, pictures of the restaurant build-out, food porn pics, and to share in the story of Luna.